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The Power of Duplication

A Simple And Affordable Home-Based 2-UP Marketing System That Can Make You Rich!


This is the most unique and complete 2-up marketing system out there! This system is designed so you'll get paid on your first 2 sales and then starting on your 3rd sale you'll earn referral bonuses from the efforts of every person who joins under you and who gets their 2 sign ups to infinity.

Earn Unlimited $55 Payments

Five Dollar Bill
Fifty Dollar Bill
1st Sale Pays $45
2nd Sale Pays $50
3rd Sale and Beyond Pays $55 Plus Referral Bonuses!

Earning Potential From Just 1 Pay Line

# Of Passed-Up Members Bonus Earnings
Month 3 2 $55 ($30 + $25)
Month 4 4 $110
Month 5 8 $220
Month 6 16 $440
Month 10 256 $7,040
Month 12 1,024 $28,160

(Income potential is not guaranteed, this chart is for illustration purposes only.)

With The Power of Duplication you will get paid from your very first sale. On your 3rd sale and every one thereafter will help to build up your downline team.

When anyone in your team brings in their first 2 people, they are passed up to you, so your goal is to get 3 or more sales.

Starting with your 3rd sign up, EVERY member you enroll starts a DOUBLE TO INFINITY PAY LINE and you will earn a $30 Bonus on 1st sign up, $25 on 2nd sign up and $20 on 3rd sign up and thereafter.

Now if you enroll your 3rd member in your 2nd month and every member on your team enrolls their 1st 2 members in their 2nd month, the chart above shows your earning potential from just one pay line.

The earning potential with The Power of Duplication is TRULY UNLIMITED!

You will also be given the opportunity to create a FREE affiliate account with the printing company we use called This will allow you to get paid when people order extra marketing tools such as postcards or brochures or anything else that they may need printed. Print founders also has an amazing lead program that will help you generate income as well. It is called Matrix pro leads. Go to this link to check it out and get started if you would like to participate with their lead program.

If you're ready to get started with The Power of Duplication the cost to join is only $99 and (4) forever stamps. We will mail you a Marketing Kit that will include 50 Postcards, 50 Leads, A Camera Ready Sales Flyer with Your unique ID# on it and pro tips to help you get started making money right away!

Disclaimers: You are responsible for your own tax situation. There are no refunds as we send payments upon receipt. Void where prohibited.
Any income claims are not guaranteed but for illustration purposes only.
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