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The Power of Duplication

A Simple And Affordable Home-Based 2-UP Marketing System That Can Make You Rich!


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Thank you for making it this far in your decision to purchase this home based 2 up system. Everyone that has joined thus far has been happy with the marketing kit they have received. There are a couple options to get started.

Option 1

Mail your name, address, phone # and email address along with the marketing tool you received and include $99 (cash or money order only please) and 4 forever stamps to:
Menard Marketing LLC
P.O. Box 121
Cobb, WI 53526

Option 2

Pay securely using a credit card by filling out the information below and selecting which payment option you prefer.

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The cost to join with debit or credit card is $103. That pays for the stamps and helps cover the processing fees. Select a payment option below.

Disclaimers: You are responsible for your own tax situation. There are no refunds as we send payments upon receipt. Void where prohibited.
Any income claims are not guaranteed but for illustration purposes only.
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